Monday, May 25, 2015

Depression, pets and landlords

It's been a long time since I've been here, and that could be a good thing.  Depression is a hard thing to deal with and is not something to be shared, why bring everyone else down to my level.  But maybe some good could come out of sharing somethings.  This disease is a bitch to live with and that is probably why so many choose to end their lives.  Depression is not often a disease where the patient does harm to others and is why they choose to stay alone, not answer phones or doors, waiting for the blanket of doom to be lifted off of them.  We have our good and bad days just like everyone else, just more bad ones.  You know what helps, pets.  They give you love.  They seem to know if you are in a bad/sad mood and let you know that they love you no matter what, as long as the food bowl doesn't stay empty long.

The unfortunate problem is that so many places don't allow pets, any kind of pets.  Okay, you can throw a towel over a goldfish bowl when the landlord shows up but fish can't curl up with you or make you get up to take them for a walk, and that is a good thing-it gets you up off of your ass and get's you out of your place a couple of times a day.  I think there should be a law, state, federal or local, that could overrule any parts of the lease to allow them to have pets.  Call them "Service Animals", for in fact they are, they could save lives and isn't that a good thing?  But many management people, even in low income/disabled housing will tell you to look for another place that allows pets.  That's all well and good but 1,  Can people afford the rent increase?  2.  Will they be able to afford the move?  3.  Chances are they chose to live in this area because it is convenient for doctors appointments, bus service, etc.  Must we uproot or die?  And if these are charitable organizations providing the living space and some of them are actually also church/religious organizations and they refuse to allow life saving pets, where is their charity?  They collect rent from the tenants and usually get the other two thirds of rent from a third party organization anyway.  I can understand a pet deposit, maybe over three months or six months but honestly, how much damage can a little fur ball do when I intend to take him/her every where with me?  In my situation I have lived in the same apartment for nine years, never late on the rent, never have wild parties so I guess I'm a good tenant and isn't that what you want?  I'm HIV+ and living with both diseases (plus a few others for good measure) can be a bitch.  All I'm saying is that instead of fighting over a pet, why not help a person out.

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

It does seem ironic that I would return to Mikey's Moods on this the eve of the possible republican shutdown of the United States of America, and the world actually, and all for the sake of greed and racism.  Senator Cruz you are, in my humble opinion, an asshole of the highest magnitude,  Boener, we all hope that you will sober up in time to stop what is about to happen, and you are a large part of the blame.  44 times you and congress have tried to shut down something that was approved in both houses, signed by the president and made into law.  It, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obama Care was voted on my the residents of these United States, by a large majority, and still you play with lives.  I understand that you don't think it's that big of a deal, but for us common folks it is a very big thing,  If it does get that far tonight I will never in a million years understand how you can sleep at night, maybe that's why everyone thinks you are a lush.  And what legacy do you leave to your family?  Will all of your money keep them warm and safe or will the nation turn on you and your family as you have so many of ours.  Will people blame your family for your greed or will the world be more compassionate that you were to them.  9:43  A little over two hours and the republicans are still playing games.  You might as well make plans to retire and you will be taking a lot of others with you, I suppose we should be happy for that much,  Not staying awake to find out what the hell you are going to do but please know this.  I know tons of Christians but you sir are one of them.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Last night the congress voted to repeal the DADT. Congratulations to the democrats and a couple of republicans. As for the rest of the republicans, I want to ask you a question. Are you voting your own personal opinion, what your voters want or are you just sheep being herded by John McCain? I'm not trying to be smart here but you are acting in a very STUPID manner and it is being seen, every day on the news.

President Obama was elected as our president and whether you voted for him or not, he is our president and that alone commands a certain amount of respect. I believe that he is trying EVERY thing he knows how to do to bring this country together and improve life for ALL Americans and that we as Americans need to stand behind him and try to understand what he inherited from the previous administration along with disasters such as the spilling of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, again a gift from the previous administration, those DRILL BABY DRILL people. So think about what republicans are doing to the quality of your life, or what they aren't doing to improve it and vote with your conscience. Republicans let this be your warning to shape up or be ready to ship out.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Maybe the time has come to fire all of our national representatives. NO JOKING HERE. We elected these people to work for us but it seems that mostly they want to work for themselves or make a name for themselves by being assholes. We all have assholes and don't need to pay for a second one. Whether or not you voted for or believe in President Obama, he is the president and was voted in primarily because of his platform. He is so close to helping so many with health problems have health care. Recently I had to go to the emergency room. I have Medicare and Medicaid thankfully, because the bill for everything that was done for me in those 6 hours came to $9,852.00 (I will provide a copy of the bill to anyone who disbelieves me). Now for those who are uninsured, many would put off going to the hospital and could die (or) they might have to find a way to come up with that money and possibly loose their homes. If the problem were worse than it was, that amount of money could go threw the roof. Now, ask yourself, honestly, who doesn't want this program to go through? The insurance companies, and of course those Representatives they own. Is it any wonder that those Representatives will go to any length to get elected in the first place, knowing the amounts of money that they can make and then simply blame the bad shit on their opponents. Is is possible to dump them all? November isn't that far away.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I can understand the horrible circumstances that have led to the shape of Haiti today but you know what? We have people in this country who don't have a place to live and often go to sleep without food. People who live on the streets or in cardboard boxes and who stand in line for food handouts or live out of dumpsters? Ever see someone in a park looking through trash baskets looking for food or do you just look away? It is time to stop waiting for a natural disaster to help the disadvantaged. And what is really scary these days is that many of the homeless are children who's parents have lost their jobs and homes... and hope. And also most if not all of these people have no health care either, and that is a very scary thing as sicknesses among these people can spread like wild fire as they group together for support and comfort.

And then I read that a leader is not going to run for re-election because it's too tough to get bills passed. What you should start doing is fighting till your last breath to make sure that you do the job you were hired to do and serve the people who spent their time and money making sure that you got elected in the first place. I would love to change places with you for just a day.

Monday, December 7, 2009


If you have been watching the news in the last couple of days then you are painfully aware of what is going on in IRAN. The people there, students in particular, live in fear even as they fight for change. The leader of Iran, and make no mistake religion is behind the leader, is running a dictatorship there and is endangering the lives of all of it's people as well as the rest of the world by attempting to build a stockade of nuclear weapons. Not so different than North Korea but it would seem that there they are afraid to protest. If we as citizens of the world can ban together thru the web or by writing articles and sending them to newspapers and news stations around the world and try to unite with those people and offer our support to them. Wars not only kill people but also trample the earth. Nuclear war would kill all of the inhabitants of the world, not just the people but also the animals and every living thing. There are alternatives to war, we all know that, but now we have to band together to make it happen. If you know of email addresses of people in these two nations contact them or contact anyone you know or anyone that they might know until you find these people or organizations and support them with your words and ideas. Send them to me and I will do the same until we have a world wide effect that will finally bring peace and prosperity to the earth.

Friday, December 4, 2009


The web can be our connecting point and we, the citizens of the world have the opportunity to change the world for the better. We the people think differently than some of our leaders and it is time to band together and find the solutions to save our planet. There is no reason for us to live in fear of one another when we can all live on this earth of ours and take care of her. The need for going green is something that all of us have to work on and if those elected to power or those who have taken power don't want to work with us then it is time to change them. A difference may not be seen in our lifetime depending on your age but know that you can help change the face of Mother Earth for generations. How? First we stop the wars and find new ways to live in peace, take care of all of the people; feed them, cloth them and give them a decent home to live in. Stop nuclear stockpiles and end the dependency of fossil fuels around the globe. Sun and wind will not only supply us with energy but it will also create possibly millions of new jobs and re stable our economies globally. But it has to start now and it has to start with us. We, the citizens of the world have to find a way to communicate with each other and get started on a plan. Please, email a friend and send them this site address to read and ask them to do the same until we have the attention of the world. Only then can we move forward. Please forward any other ideas to this author and lets get a dialog started now while we still have time. Mike