Monday, May 25, 2015

Depression, pets and landlords

It's been a long time since I've been here, and that could be a good thing.  Depression is a hard thing to deal with and is not something to be shared, why bring everyone else down to my level.  But maybe some good could come out of sharing somethings.  This disease is a bitch to live with and that is probably why so many choose to end their lives.  Depression is not often a disease where the patient does harm to others and is why they choose to stay alone, not answer phones or doors, waiting for the blanket of doom to be lifted off of them.  We have our good and bad days just like everyone else, just more bad ones.  You know what helps, pets.  They give you love.  They seem to know if you are in a bad/sad mood and let you know that they love you no matter what, as long as the food bowl doesn't stay empty long.

The unfortunate problem is that so many places don't allow pets, any kind of pets.  Okay, you can throw a towel over a goldfish bowl when the landlord shows up but fish can't curl up with you or make you get up to take them for a walk, and that is a good thing-it gets you up off of your ass and get's you out of your place a couple of times a day.  I think there should be a law, state, federal or local, that could overrule any parts of the lease to allow them to have pets.  Call them "Service Animals", for in fact they are, they could save lives and isn't that a good thing?  But many management people, even in low income/disabled housing will tell you to look for another place that allows pets.  That's all well and good but 1,  Can people afford the rent increase?  2.  Will they be able to afford the move?  3.  Chances are they chose to live in this area because it is convenient for doctors appointments, bus service, etc.  Must we uproot or die?  And if these are charitable organizations providing the living space and some of them are actually also church/religious organizations and they refuse to allow life saving pets, where is their charity?  They collect rent from the tenants and usually get the other two thirds of rent from a third party organization anyway.  I can understand a pet deposit, maybe over three months or six months but honestly, how much damage can a little fur ball do when I intend to take him/her every where with me?  In my situation I have lived in the same apartment for nine years, never late on the rent, never have wild parties so I guess I'm a good tenant and isn't that what you want?  I'm HIV+ and living with both diseases (plus a few others for good measure) can be a bitch.  All I'm saying is that instead of fighting over a pet, why not help a person out.

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