Monday, January 28, 2008


There are a lot of people out there who call themselves Christians but I'm not sure that we're reading from the same book. Where in the bible does it say that God hates anyone? Not in the book that I read. And where in your bibles does it tell you to push your opinions of what your God said to people who wrote the book for Him. No where. You are to spread the word of the lord and it is up to those individuals to make their decision themselves. It could be scary for you and me alike if we die and find out that God was Jewish or Islamic. It's time for everyone to start to letting individuals make up their own minds and stop dictating what you think everyone should do, feel, think or act. I would challenge anyone who call themselves a Christian and yet would deny marriages between any two people who love each other, treating others who believe differently then we do and would protest at a funeral because a person is somehow connected to gays, to open up your books and minds. WWJD, indeed. Would he be the type of person who would force his word upon others who believed differently as did their parents and their parents before them? Jesus preached love not hate and if you follow him, perhaps you should too.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Is anyone listening??

As of today we have been thru 2 primaries and already the shit slinging has started. In New Hampshire when Hillary had a moment, many would call her a great actress. But when she won rumors started to fly that the election process had bee tampered with because certain polls had Obama way ahead. All I can say is it ain't over till it's over. Do I want her to win? Hell yes, but I wouldn't fix any results to make it come out otherwise, we have already gone thru that once here in the state of Florida when Al Gore lost.

I support Hillary for her leadership qualities that she has already displayed over her career and the fact that she stood by her husband in his trials and tribulations with that Monica woman. And I was also a supporter of her husband when he ran, both times and he gave us 8 years of a bustling economy and peace. "IF" Hillary ever needed anyone to talk to or get advice from, I am glad that she will have him there. I am also sure that he talked to her about many of the decisions that he made. What a great team to have back in the White House.