Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okay the races have begun and so has the hate mongering. Can't we just for once have a fair fight/election? Already I am getting sick to death of the candidates accusing each other of lying, cheating and stealing. Just for once I would love to hear the candidates stand up and tell us their views, their promises and what they have done this far without slinging mud at the other candidates. Is this too much to ask? Does anyone know who we need to talk to/email/write if necessary to keep the elections clean? Let me know and I promise to get mail forwarded to them to let them know what WE THE PEOPLE want.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The latest news from my doctor is now I am having gall bladder problems. I swear sometimes I just want to lay down, pull the covers over my head and say to hell with everything. I have had the HIV virus for about 20 years and full blown AIDS for about 15. I always said that AIDS would not take me out and in acutallity it will not, but all of the complications that you encounter with this disease either they take you out or you do it yourself when you can no longer deal with life.

I would love to see a cure but I don't expect to see it in my life time and much of the damage that has been done to my body can not be reversed. And age is another factor. Longevity runs in my family and my best hope is that it will skip over me and I can go quietly into the night. I am sure that there are plenty of others out there sharing that same prayer. The best that I can try to do is make a difference while I am here and that is my aim.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have a rant here but I have to keep it under 200 characters, per BLOGGER. The privatizing of Medicare has made things worse then it was before. This is no secret to those who are on it but maybe I can enlighten some others. I have full blown AIDS and although my numbers say that I am in great shape but the virus has already started taking it's toll. My doctors prescribe meds for me, I take them to the pharmacy, Medicare rejects them or cuts the number of pills down and then I have to go back to the doctors, pay another co-pay and the doctor has to take time away from other patients to write up the reason why I have to take these pills daily or they will not work. Then the drug company has to decide whether or not it is a valid reason or not. I hate to take pills and I already have to take about 40 a day for various reasons but to have to go thru this crap all the time is bull****. I am not asking for a boner pill or pain medications, just an anitbiotic to keep infections away that could require costly hospital bills later. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Condoms for prisoners

Because prisoners are not supposed to be having sex, States don't want to give them condoms. If I have ever heard anything so stupid, it has been a very long while. AIDS is on the rise everywhere and the jailers would rather have more prisoners coming down with it then to give them condoms. If your son had to go to jail, guilty or not, for a minor offense or even a greater one, should he have to die for that. Rape goes on in these places as well as consentual sex, I personally, would rather that they did not promote AIDS and other STDs because the jailers (the States) don't want to appear to be approving of inmate sex or sex between inmates and the guards. Someone needs to kick some ass and get the condoms to the prisoners before they get out, infected and then infect more people. This disease will never be contained so long as narrow minded people are in government. Truly it is time to give the government back to the people, those who have the most to lose.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Every day we wake up with a new chance to make the world a better place for all of us. A chance to put our own beliefs aside and listen to others and hear their side of the story. Each of us has an opportunity every day to make this a better place for all of the inhabitants of this world. Now all we need is a little direction. If there isn't someone out their telling you how to do it, then just open your eyes and look around at all of the injustices being done. I have spent a lot of my life fighting for causes that I believe in and have helped make some milestones. But it was never enough and never will be enough until we do have world peace and we are all equal in each others eyes.

So, now I ask you before you go to bed tonight, think about what you are going to do when you wake up tomorrow. It isn't necessary to take on the world single handed, there is a lot of help out there waiting for new recruits. How and where do you want to start making a difference. You can start with just a friendly smile at a stranger instead of turning your head a different direction, with your head held high and maybe a good morning or hello. It has to start somewhere, and how easy can that be. Mike