Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have a rant here but I have to keep it under 200 characters, per BLOGGER. The privatizing of Medicare has made things worse then it was before. This is no secret to those who are on it but maybe I can enlighten some others. I have full blown AIDS and although my numbers say that I am in great shape but the virus has already started taking it's toll. My doctors prescribe meds for me, I take them to the pharmacy, Medicare rejects them or cuts the number of pills down and then I have to go back to the doctors, pay another co-pay and the doctor has to take time away from other patients to write up the reason why I have to take these pills daily or they will not work. Then the drug company has to decide whether or not it is a valid reason or not. I hate to take pills and I already have to take about 40 a day for various reasons but to have to go thru this crap all the time is bull****. I am not asking for a boner pill or pain medications, just an anitbiotic to keep infections away that could require costly hospital bills later. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? What are your thoughts?

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