Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Condoms for prisoners

Because prisoners are not supposed to be having sex, States don't want to give them condoms. If I have ever heard anything so stupid, it has been a very long while. AIDS is on the rise everywhere and the jailers would rather have more prisoners coming down with it then to give them condoms. If your son had to go to jail, guilty or not, for a minor offense or even a greater one, should he have to die for that. Rape goes on in these places as well as consentual sex, I personally, would rather that they did not promote AIDS and other STDs because the jailers (the States) don't want to appear to be approving of inmate sex or sex between inmates and the guards. Someone needs to kick some ass and get the condoms to the prisoners before they get out, infected and then infect more people. This disease will never be contained so long as narrow minded people are in government. Truly it is time to give the government back to the people, those who have the most to lose.


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