Friday, May 28, 2010


Last night the congress voted to repeal the DADT. Congratulations to the democrats and a couple of republicans. As for the rest of the republicans, I want to ask you a question. Are you voting your own personal opinion, what your voters want or are you just sheep being herded by John McCain? I'm not trying to be smart here but you are acting in a very STUPID manner and it is being seen, every day on the news.

President Obama was elected as our president and whether you voted for him or not, he is our president and that alone commands a certain amount of respect. I believe that he is trying EVERY thing he knows how to do to bring this country together and improve life for ALL Americans and that we as Americans need to stand behind him and try to understand what he inherited from the previous administration along with disasters such as the spilling of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, again a gift from the previous administration, those DRILL BABY DRILL people. So think about what republicans are doing to the quality of your life, or what they aren't doing to improve it and vote with your conscience. Republicans let this be your warning to shape up or be ready to ship out.

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Linda L Rucker said...

Mikey, my luv, if the Dems are doing such a bang up job, why are they being voted out of office? Why are the incumbents falling by the wayside in nearly every election?
Obama is/was a fluke. People were mesmerized by his oration, (as, sadly was I) but like myself, most folks are slowly waking up and realizing that they were taken in by the sliver tongue of the Anti-Christ just as your bible says you will be.
Most of us are finally getting weary of his mea culpa crap and have figured out that his so sorry, it's all my fault act is just that, an act. When he has no answers for his fuckups, his pat answer id "mea culpa".
FYI Bubba, I have joined the Tea Party, you should look into it.
Love ya lots!