Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know that I'm not the only one asking myself why a United States Senator can be convicted of seven (7), yes count them 7, felonies and can keep his seat on the US Senate and run for re-election to keep his seat and other felons can't even vote. What's wrong with this country? It is hard enough for a felon to get a job at a lot of restaurants never mind the US Senate? Mind you, he is not just charged, he has been convicted of the crimes. I have never understood why a felon has to lose the right to vote in the first place, is that person's one vote going to get the sheriff or judge out of office with his/her one vote? I don't know but would love to have someone explain it to me.

There are a lot of things out there that are getting on my nerves because I don't understand of them these days. This country was founded on a set of rights that are supposed to be for all citizens not just the ones who agree with you and to hell with others you don't like or don't understand. And wasn't the whole thing supposed to have started because of religious oppression and now we are heading right back to our roots again. There is more that one religion in this country and there are some people that don't even believe in God, but that's okay because he believes in them. There are many so called "Christians" out there who will not stop until everyone believes exactly the same way as they do and are trying to rule this country. Their place is in their churches and in their communities. Gay marriage is a very hot issue these days and they will not rest until it goes away. This author knows of many couples who have been together a lot longer than many of the non-gay ones. Many of them have adopted the children that no one else wants but were brought into this world by heterosexuals. Divorce rates are higher than ever and many that don't divorce right away but cheat on their spouses, John McCain is one of them. So why is it so hard for people to let two people who love each other marry with love being the only pre-requisite. Heterosexuals can get married at the justice of the peace or even go to Las Vegas and be married by an Elvis impersonator. Is that religious? It is time for those Christians, and they are a small but powerful group of the Christian religion, to learn to open their bibles and read them. Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you." There is no mention of Him leaving out gays or any others. And what about "Judge not lest you shall be judged"? I remember that one. Yes, I am a christian but not a basher.

Your comments are welcome and would be appreciated.

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Jeni said...

Just finished reading through your posts on this blog, Mikie. Some very good insights here! Now, if you could maneuver yourself in a position where you could get those who are "in control" to hear your words, your message about so many things, maybe you might get lucky and find someone intelligent enough to understand the common sense of your words to the issues you discussed.
Damned if I can figure out either why politicians can have acquire a prison sentence but be allowed to continue on in their position yet other convicted felons can't vote. Nor can I see anything wrong with gay marriage either. The drug/medicare problems -who knows how the hell those people determine what can be covered, what isn't and how many pills an individual can/should receive aside from what the doctor orders. I always thought it was the doctor who was the one with the say-so, but I know from my own experience as well as the points you put out here, that is no longer the case. Who died and left the insurance companies/govt. regulators in charge of our medical care anyway?
Keep posting and plugging away, Mikie!