Monday, December 7, 2009


If you have been watching the news in the last couple of days then you are painfully aware of what is going on in IRAN. The people there, students in particular, live in fear even as they fight for change. The leader of Iran, and make no mistake religion is behind the leader, is running a dictatorship there and is endangering the lives of all of it's people as well as the rest of the world by attempting to build a stockade of nuclear weapons. Not so different than North Korea but it would seem that there they are afraid to protest. If we as citizens of the world can ban together thru the web or by writing articles and sending them to newspapers and news stations around the world and try to unite with those people and offer our support to them. Wars not only kill people but also trample the earth. Nuclear war would kill all of the inhabitants of the world, not just the people but also the animals and every living thing. There are alternatives to war, we all know that, but now we have to band together to make it happen. If you know of email addresses of people in these two nations contact them or contact anyone you know or anyone that they might know until you find these people or organizations and support them with your words and ideas. Send them to me and I will do the same until we have a world wide effect that will finally bring peace and prosperity to the earth.

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