Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I can understand the horrible circumstances that have led to the shape of Haiti today but you know what? We have people in this country who don't have a place to live and often go to sleep without food. People who live on the streets or in cardboard boxes and who stand in line for food handouts or live out of dumpsters? Ever see someone in a park looking through trash baskets looking for food or do you just look away? It is time to stop waiting for a natural disaster to help the disadvantaged. And what is really scary these days is that many of the homeless are children who's parents have lost their jobs and homes... and hope. And also most if not all of these people have no health care either, and that is a very scary thing as sicknesses among these people can spread like wild fire as they group together for support and comfort.

And then I read that a leader is not going to run for re-election because it's too tough to get bills passed. What you should start doing is fighting till your last breath to make sure that you do the job you were hired to do and serve the people who spent their time and money making sure that you got elected in the first place. I would love to change places with you for just a day.

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